Lupo Italiano: The Italian Wolf Dog

Lupo Italiano: The Italian Wolf Dog

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The Lupo Italiano, also known as the Italian Wolf Dog, is a rare breed of dog that originates from Italy. This breed is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and strength. The Lupo Italiano was originally bred for hunting and guarding, but it has also become a popular companion dog in recent years.


The Lupo Italiano is a large dog breed with a muscular body and a thick coat. The coat is usually gray or black, and it is known for its soft texture. This breed has a strong jaw and sharp teeth, which make it an excellent guard dog. The Lupo Italiano is also known for its agility and endurance, which make it a great hunting dog.


The Lupo Italiano is a large breed of dog. Males can stand up to 30 inches tall at the shoulder, and females can stand up to 28 inches tall. Males typically weigh between 80 and 100 pounds, while females weigh between 70 and 90 pounds.


The Lupo Italiano is a loyal and intelligent breed of dog. It is known for its bravery and its ability to protect its family. This breed is also very affectionate with its family members and loves to play. The Lupo Italiano is a great choice for families with children.

Favorite Foods

When it comes to feeding your Lupo Italiano, it’s important to choose a high-quality dog food that is formulated for large breeds. Here are three sample favorite foods that your Lupo Italiano might enjoy:

1. Merrick Grain-Free Large Breed Recipe

This dog food is made with real deboned chicken and sweet potatoes. It also contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which are important for maintaining joint health in large breeds.

2. Orijen Adult Large Breed Dog Food

This dog food is made with free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs. It is also grain-free and contains a variety of fruits and vegetables.

3. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Dog Food

This dog food is made with real chicken and brown rice. It also contains glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as antioxidants for immune system support.

Tips for Owning a Lupo Italiano

If you’re considering adding a Lupo Italiano to your family, here are a few tips to keep in mind: – Make sure you have plenty of space for your Lupo Italiano to exercise. This breed needs a lot of room to run and play. – Socialize your Lupo Italiano early on to ensure that it gets along well with other dogs and people. – Train your Lupo Italiano using positive reinforcement techniques, as this breed can be sensitive to harsh training methods. – Groom your Lupo Italiano regularly to keep its coat healthy and shiny.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about the Lupo Italiano:

1. What is the lifespan of a Lupo Italiano?

The lifespan of a Lupo Italiano is typically between 10 and 12 years.

2. Are Lupo Italianos good with children?

Yes, Lupo Italianos are great with children and make excellent family pets.

3. Are Lupo Italianos good guard dogs?

Yes, Lupo Italianos are known for their protective nature and make great guard dogs.

4. How much exercise does a Lupo Italiano need?

Lupo Italianos need a lot of exercise and should be taken on long walks or runs every day.

5. Are Lupo Italianos easy to train?

Lupo Italianos are intelligent dogs and can be trained easily using positive reinforcement techniques.

6. Do Lupo Italianos shed a lot?

Yes, Lupo Italianos have a thick coat and shed quite a bit, especially during shedding season.

7. Do Lupo Italianos have any health problems?

Lupo Italianos can be prone to hip dysplasia and other joint problems, as well as certain skin conditions.

8. Are Lupo Italianos good with other pets?

With proper socialization, Lupo Italianos can get along well with other pets.

9. How much does a Lupo Italiano cost?

The cost of a Lupo Italiano can vary depending on the breeder and location, but they typically cost between $1,500 and $2,500.

10. Where can I find a Lupo Italiano?

Lupo Italianos are a rare breed, so it may be difficult to find a breeder. However, you can check with breed-specific rescue organizations or search for reputable breeders online.


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